48 Hour Film Challenge

Marriott’s CRN hosted its first-ever 48 Hour Film Challenge at the DOUGLAS. All films were shot and edited on-property. Stay Tuned this Fall for the reality show taking you behind the scenes of this film challenge to show you what it’s like to plan an event at a Marriott CRN Hotel. If this is what the hotels can do to inspire movie magic, imagine what they can do to inspire meeting moments.

  • Nut Job10:01

    Nut Job

    A man who has always prioritized career over family is forced to confront his life's meaning when he misses his daughter's birthday to stay late at work... alone...and chokes on a nut.

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  • Why Us?8:54

    Why Us?

    Producer's Description: A political ghostwriter unearths professional and personal secrets during his divorce mediation and is forced to come to terms with his life’s shortcomings.

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  • Meandering Lines8:42

    Meandering Lines

    Producer's Description: Amy is a newly discovered painter and while her career grows, her marriage suffers along the way. In this movie we follow their tug of war, will they relinquish their love thr

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  • Ajoute`8:04


    Producer's Description: A sci-fi film set in a futuristic world. This is the story of two strangers who spend an evening experiencing a new form of dating driven by cloning. What they discover throu

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